Monday, September 3, 2012


Saturday Morning I finally received my 2011 share from the Jacobs reward farm.  I was very excited.  Although I thought I was getting a bag full of Jacob sheep wool, I actually received several things: Gulf coast sheet roving, 4 oz.; Texas Grown ginned cotton, 8 oz.; Alpaca Roving, 16 oz.; A small baggie of locally raised Mohair Locks.  All of it is quite lovely but I was expecting some tri-colored Jacob's wool. 

So now comes the hard part, working it all up into something that I can knit.  My friend, that is also a shareholder in the fiber farm is planning to spin hers into something wonderful. I need to do that too.  I also have several other baggies of roving that really should be spun as well.  And dyed, possibly?  I guess it will take a while to work up my nerve. Unlike many things that I've been interested in, I can't seem to just jump right in.  That's usually what I'm good at with a "whatever happens happens" attitude.

The other fiber I have is a small bag of tri-colored Jacob, about 16 oz of Perendale-Romney carded wool and 8 oz of Grey Norwegian roving. 

I also bought a hand spun skein of Blue Faces Leicester.  Wow, so soft and beautiful.  It is what I'm going to use as the "goal" for my spinning (someday, we can hope). Its in the freezer right now.  Since I didn't know where it had been and for how long, I thought I take no chances on bringing home a moth infestation.  My yarn stash thanks me.