Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back on Track

So I did finally finish something and get back on my list.  So far so good!  Knitters repentance, I guess. Here is the finished comfort shawl.  I'd planned to drape this around me when I'm chilly, like on Saturday mornings when its cold.  Except it was 74F on Friday and well, I may not get much use out of this thing.  But its pretty and it is my colors.

Comfort Shawl:

I made another pair of Mitts.  My stepmom called after Christmas and ordered two pairs (like I'm some kind of online store, lol).  She said, "I need a pair that matches my hat....and a pair I can smoke in."  So, OK, here is a pair for her to wear outside to smoke in. The ones to match the hat next month, I think, if I don't get ahead of myself which I am wont to do!!!

Lastly, I tried felting, which to my surprise went remarkably well.  I guess i didn't realize how easy it is to felt something.  I did follow the instructions and if you've read any of my posts I am not necessarily a "reader" of instructions.  I'd say I am more of a"viewer" of instructions.  If it has nice, instructive pictures then I'm all set!

Before felting:
 After felting:

Strangely enough, they take a whole lotta yarn!!!!  But I'll have to make more since I have more needles to store.  Also, I think I need to make it a tad taller.

A friend of mine said I should add the pattern links to my posts.  So if you'll notice above, I've linked to my Ravelry page.  So if there is a pattern that I've purchased, bought, borrowed, or drawn upon, it will take you there.  If I've come up with it myself or heavily modified it, I usually will put this in the notes or if not, just ask, I'll share with you what I've done.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The January Effect

Time again to think about the coming year and all the great patterns and yarn there are to knit out out in the world. For some reason, and I really can't say why, January makes me want to plan.  I call this "The January Effect."

Even as a fairly new knitter, I can grasp with my rational mind how planning and knitting do not co-exist on the same plane.  This is plain to anyone who understands the difference between the creative and the organized.  I understand that some people are both creative and organized and frankly, I can be one or the other but not both at once. 

So this year, I've resisted.  I do know there will be Christmas to plan at some point, but I did not sit down and write it all out...not yet.  And I guess it's kinda hard to think about all the new stuff and plan it out when my 2011 list of "big" projects looms large. So here's the old list, the 2011 list that now becomes the 2012 list that I refuse to write, except here it is (I just said that!):

11 Joseph's Sweater:

10 Country Weekend Sweater:

9 Big Cable Wrap:

8 Mixed Media Sweater:

7 Paton's 4-strand blanket: 

6 Black-Jack Socks:

5 Bourbon Sweater:

4 Water Color Shawl:

3 Sweet Shawl (this is going to need a little re-work, I think the last few rows look wrong, drat!):

2 Olympia Shawl (this was taken during a severe corrective action, over 900 stitches had to be removed and re-knitted):

1 The Comfort Shawl (just one more skein to finish this!):