Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blocking the Swathe

I haven't really spent much time blocking anything.  I blocked a baby hat on a balloon.  That was fun and it turned out nice.  You can't really block acrylic, at least not like natural fibers. Wool on the other hand is amazing when blocked. This is my first large project to block: my Swathe (Rowan Winter Drift) sweater. It was curled up because it is all reverse stockinette.  It didn't seem possible that the pieces could lie flat.  Well, guess what?  They do!!!

Now if I could only get the thing put together right...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Diagonal Baby Blanket: One Down...

The first project from January completed in February is the Diagonal Baby Blanket.  I often asked myself why I was finishing it since I had originally started it for a friend having a baby who changed the colors.  I am no longer planning to give her this.  Still, I felt compelled to get it done.  I was also looking forward to adding some interesting edging suggested by one of my Ravelry compadres.

The yarn is Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe.  Main color is Beach Glass, edging color is Eucalyptus.  Turned out very nice I think. Size US 8 /5 mm circulars. 

Pattern for the Diagonal Comfort Blanket from Lion Brand:

The added edging adapted from:

It took a while to figure out Havanaise’s crocheted edging. Here is what I did: In each garter row, a slip st and 3 chains. I tried a SC but it was too heavy, the slip stitch is lighter, less bulky. Slip St, Ch3 twice in the corners.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

February, Knitters Repentance

So in the first month of the new year I managed to get off track and now its time to return to the straight and narrow (narrow being a relative term).  I did not finish my January project list because I took on 5 additional knitting projects (all done btw) and one crochet project (nearly done).  So I look at my list for January and see that I have at least two weeks of work to do. 

The Winter Drift Sweater-back completed:

The Mixed Media Sweater back is nearly completed:

Tami's baby blanket is 3/4 complete:

And last but not least, well, yes it is least, the one piece garter sweater is about half:

So all this January project stuff may lead you to ask, "What about February?"  Eeeep!  Well there's three things on that list:  Another sweater like the Mixed Media in Blue-Green and a Sweater for my youngest son.  And an afghan for the den sofa.  Which also leads me to the baby blanket above that I have found out is the wrong color!!! 

The baby colors are now purple and green:

So "focus, grasshopper!!!" and get to work!!!